BHM group is a rapidly expending European investment firm that manages dozens of European companies in countries such as Germany, Finland, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic.

The investment group manages its investments actively and, thanks to this process, ensures the systematic and long-term prosperity of companies in all key areas of its interest. With its continuous involvement in their development, the group helps its members grow and expand into foreign markets.

BHM Group consists of companies structured into four pillars - Private Equity, Venture Capital, Real Estate and Renewables.

We are a strong and stable investment group that currently manages assets in excess of €1 billion, and our companies employ more than 2,000 individuals throughout Europe.


Private Equity

Since our founding, we have helped dozens of companies and projects. Thanks to both our expertise and financial strength, we successfully acquired and developed companies that aim to become market leaders in their field. Currently, in Private Equity, we focus primarily on fields with added value such as medical technologies, engineering, and hospitality. We perform in these sectors mainly in Europe.

Venture Capital

In the area of Venture Capital, we have accomplished several successful acquisitions and development projects. Throughout the whole of Europe, we are actively looking for start-up companies with promising scientific and technological backgrounds. We help such companies with business decisions focused on expansion into foreign markets. Our advantage is that we can move quickly to help businesses achieve significant progress in their development and further growth.


In the energy sector, we focus on investments in renewable energy sources, with an emphasis on wind and solar energy. BHR is also active in the field of energy storage and hydrogen as a resource. Our projects join, support, and cooperate with the largest international players in this field. We understand that clean energy sources will play an increasingly dominant role in the energy mix of all countries in the future, and we expect to participate in this development. We are currently working on projects that aim to achieve an installed production capacity of up to 4,500 MW, which is environmentally friendly.

Real Estate

In the Real Estate sector, our activities focus on both residential and commercial markets. Residential activities aim toward attractive projects where the mission of the group is to create properties that contribute to the urban development of the given locality, as well as provide high user standards for residents and their lifestyles. In the area of commercial real estate, BHM group owns a wide portfolio of logistics, production centers and retail parks. In this segment, the BHM group operates throughout the Central European region, in countries such as Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia and Poland.


BHM group was founded in 2013 by entrepreneur and philanthropist Tomáš Krsek. During his career, he focused mainly on the further development and re-building of Czech industrial companies. One of the successes is the restructuring of Škoda Transportation, which under his leadership became a major European manufacturer and exporter of rolling stock. Hence the BHM group was established with a primary focus in engineering. Over the years, however, it gradually expanded, and the group began targeting long-term investments in the field of renewable energy sources, medical technologies, new technologies and real estate.

For years BHM group has supported companies across the entire Central European region, enabling their continued success.

The goal of the BHM group is to become a strong partner to companies that develop their internal know-how to create higher added value. By combining a number of synergistic effects, that include the sharing of human capital, along with experience and its strong financial position, BHM group maximizes the potential of its partner companies.

We support the growth and development of our companies. Over time, we have developed the most effective tools for this, such as experienced teams, financial stability and a clear vision.


We support meaningful projects that benefit society.

We value the environment in which we not only do business but, above all, live. In addition to supporting charitable and non-profit projects, we primarily focus on education, science, and research, by leveraging the increasing availability of information.

Creating value together


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