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BHM Group focuses on companies with high value added and own unique know-how.

BHM group also invest heavily in technology startups in the region and helps them with business and global expansion. We are involved also in students education, entrepreneurship lectures, and start-up mentoring.

BLOCK a.s. was established in 1991 and focuses on equipment and building of clean room solutions such as labs or hospitals.

The firm’s strength lies in its engineering and strong architectural team, that is able to realise large projects.

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Köttermann is a leading international vendor of comprehensive steel-based laboratory furniture and systems. Its product portfolio includes laboratory furniture, safety storage cabinets, service supply systems and fume cupboards.

The company is based in Lower Saxony, Germany, but is supplying to the most demanding customers all over the globe. Its success is based on high quality and outstanding reliability of its products with well-established tradition.

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Enterprise software. Leading price optimisation tool based on advanced mathematics and AI.

Helping brick-and-mortar retailers to price consumer goods based on a customer’s willingness to pay, and thus increase their profits.

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SaaS cloud-based virtual phone system and PBX for sales and customer service teams.

Currently the global sector leader for SME customers.

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PropTech. A smart system designed to allow office buildings the ability to provide 21st century access and parking experience to their tenants and guests.

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Industrial IoT. A globally recognised provider of a unified passenger information platform used at airports, railways, marine ports and within public transportation networks.

Additionally, Simpleway pioneers the sector of Secured Decentralised Audio, developing a new generation of industrial audio devices.

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Smart Home. An AI based device, which transforms any flat or house into the perfect intelligent home, thanks to thousands of smart functions and personalised automation scenarios.

Without any programming or configuration needed.

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PSaaS. A tool for mid-sized e-shops to help personalise their customer experience (search and recommendation) using advanced mathematical and machine learning techniques.

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TravelTech. Most technologically advanced online trip builder for instantly creating custom fully planned trips based on individual preferences.

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