BHM Group expands
its MedTech division

5. 1. 2023

BHM Group has fully acquired FAMED Żywiec from a fund managed by EMSA Capital. FAMED Żywiec is a Polish medical equipment manufacturer concentrating on high-quality operating tables and hospital beds with over 75 years of business operations. FAMED is well known for product quality and durability and is active in over 112 countries worldwide.

This acquisition is part of BHM’s strategy to build a powerful MedTech Group of independent EU based medical manufacturers to leverage their performance in creating economies of scale within the global consolidation process of the medical industry. BHM’s MedTech key brands also involve ALVO Medical (a Polish high-quality manufacturer of hospital modular building systems, operating tables, OR integration systems and medical furniture), BLOCK (Czech producer of clean room solutions), and Köttermann (German manufacturer of high-end laboratory systems). The MedTech Group companies account for combined annual sales of 150 million euros.

BHM MedTech Group manages and keeps the heritage and identity of the various brands and develops them further for a sustainable future. The BHM MedTech Group companies remain as independent companies and share their expertise across the group to leverage the performance of each individual company and hence the long-term profitability and longevity. BHM MedTech Group supports the profitable growth by ensuring investments into innovative products to offer value added solutions for the customers, into sales network optimization as well as into state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities.

During the last decade, FAMED successfully grew its profitability and global presence and became a respected Polish producer giving jobs to almost 300 employees. FAMED Żywiec became a global player in medical equipment industry, with a reputable brand in over 112 countries worldwide. The company has developed and introduced products of high standard, manufactured in environmentally friendly way as confirmed in 2019 by being awarded a Factory of the Year in the Green Factory category in Poland.

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