BHM group founded a new holding company Reinsberg Group

13. 11. 2023
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Investment group BHM, which is known for its successful investments and diversified portfolio of companies, announces the establishment of a new holding company, Reinsberg Group, under which its companies from the medical industry will operate. This marks a strategic move towards greater strength and global market presence in the quickly growing sector of medical devices. Currently, the subsidiaries are the German company Medifa and the Polish ALVO Medical and FAMED Zywiec.

"BHM group has been operating successfully in the medical sector for many years and is determined to continue developing and expanding its activities. Our long-term goal is to build a strong group of European manufacturers of medical devices that will provide their customers with high-end, yet affordable hospital solutions and products,"
said Jan Černý, managing director of BHM group.

The Reinsberg Group will play a key role in the future strategy of the BHM group in the area of medical solutions for hospitals. The union of several European companies will enable the group to focus on strengthening research and development, thereby expanding the offered portfolio of goods and services. The holding structure enables the companies to respond better to the needs of the market and customers and to explore new investment opportunities within the healthcare sector.

“This new holding structure will allow us to better coordinate activities among the companies, increase the efficiency of its operations, invest in new product development, and accelerate growth to better serve our customers and partners across the healthcare industry. We aim to become a leading European supplier of medical solutions,"
said Reinsberg Group CEO Dr. Markus Keussen.

Information about Reinsberg Group companies:

Medifa is a German manufacturer of high-end medical equipment with a long tradition in the field of surgical tables, surgical lights, hospital modular room solutions and special equipment for operating rooms. More information:

ALVO Medical is a Polish manufacturer of hospital modular room solutions, surgical tables, equipment for operating rooms, intensive care units and other operating room equipment; specializes in modern and effective medical technologies. More information:

FAMED Zywiec is a leading Polish manufacturer of operating tables, hospital and maternity beds, treatment chairs and stretchers. With its over 75 years’ experience successfully delivers products to 114 countries around the world. More information:

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