Köttermann Group

Crafting lab environments that inspire innovation, foster collaboration, and drive progress.

Köttermann Group brings together leading European companies focused on providing top-tier laboratory infrastructure solutions. The group includes German companies Köttermann and Lab Concept, as well as Danish company Labflex. They work together to be reliable and proactive partners in the laboratory infrastructure solutions market for all customers, both in the commercial and public sectors.

Köttermann Group places emphasis on enhancing research and development, thereby broadening its range of technologies and services in its respective domain. A clearly defined and arranged holding framework enables all companies to promptly respond to market demands and utilize novel insights that can facilitate innovation and advancement in industrial sectors and research, education, and teaching in schools and universities.

The primary goal of the Köttermann Group is to establish a strong consortium of European manufacturers that can provide superior solutions for laboratories across the globe.


Creating value together


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