In the Real Estate sector, the group’s activities focus on both residential and commercial markets. In the area of commercial real estate, BHM group owns a wide portfolio of logistics, production centers and retail parks. In this segment, BHM group operates throughout the Central European region, in countries such as Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia and Poland. Residential activities aim toward attractive projects where the mission of the group is to create properties that contribute to the urban development of a given locality, as well as providing high user standards for residents and their lifestyles.

Commercial Real Estate

Our development activities focus on delivering outstanding products with an exemplary emphasis on sustainability.

In the field of commercial real estate, we own and operate logistics and production centers in Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, and Slovakia. In the long term, we aim to increase their potential as we investigate ways to better serve all customers. Second area of our interest is segment of retail parks which are a major force in the market and play an especially important role in regions where they serve selected catchment areas. In this segment, our group owns and operates modern shopping centers throughout Poland.

Residential Real Estate

We are interested in prospective real estate projects with great potential and an emphasis on quality.

In the field of residential real estate, we invest in projects during initial stages of their development. Our team of professionals partnered with leading companies in the field of both construction and real estate acquisition. Our current areas of interest are above-standard senior resorts and residential projects comprised of apartments and family homes in the immediate outskirts of Prague.

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