Carebot, a Czech healthcare technology startup, has developed software utilizing artificial intelligence to localize findings on X-ray images. This software bridges the expertise of professionals and physicians, primarily targeting European healthcare facilities, particularly hospitals and radiology departments.

Cloudtalk is a fast-growing SaaS cloud-based virtual phone system for customer and business call centers around the world. Currently one of the leading suppliers for small and medium-sized companies. The main assets include its simplicity and speed of operation, sound quality, and its easy integration with existing internal systems.

IP Fabric is a pioneer in network assurance, helping organizations to overcome network complexity, assure network automation, and improve network security. The customers are medium and large corporations, mainly in Western Europe and the USA. IP Fabric saves its customers a lot of network service costs and protects them from costly outages and attacks.

With the help of artificial intelligence, Oddin predicts the course of esports tournaments in real time. The software predicts events that take place in the gaming world tournaments based on data from image analysis and advanced mathematics. Oddin is capable of supplying predictions to the world's most important esports companies and international bookmaking companies.

Sharry is an established, competitive company in the European PropTech market. It provides technologies for office buildings that significantly improve their user-friendliness, especially at parking entrances. Sharry turns any building into a special place where people can visit.

Woltair digitalizes the heating services. The selection, ordering, installation, financing and all types of heating, air conditioning and solar panel services no longer depend on long hours of finding the adequate operative and other needed suppliers. Now everything can be done online, quickly, easily, and with the professional approach.

Yieldigo is a leader in pricing optimization using advanced mathematics and artificial intelligence. Thanks to its system, Yieldigo can significantly increase the profit of retail chains while maintaining both the trend in sales and the price index.

Intiaro is a SaaS-enabled marketplace that provides 3D visualization and configuration of furnishings. A fundamental part of the product is a B2B marketplace, where furnishing retailers display their product portfolios and interior designers use them to project 3D models.

GoRamp is a transportation-management system for shipment tracking through a centralized platform and automated real-time exchange of information, eliminating 70% of operational work, increasing warehouse-loading efficiency by 20%, and decreasing logistics costs by 25%.

Personalization tool for mid-sized e-retailers, boosting e commerce revenue without any extra media spend. Using advanced mathematical and machine learning techniques, Persoo helps personalize customer experience.

Ready Player Me provides developers with an easy-to-integrate avatar creator and developer tools to give their users highly personalized characters to help increase retention and engagement. These avatars can be used in virtual meetings, VR training, gaming, or metaverse.

Madmonq provides supplement for e-sport players. It promotes a new concept of healthy gaming that shifts away from massively overused energy drinks offers by traditional supplement producers. Players on the highest level can benefit from specially developed supplements that increase energy and improve mental performance.

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