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We invest in companies that seek to develop their own know-how and bring high added value for stakeholders.

BHM group also makes significant investments in regional tech start-ups, helps them with their activities and expanding abroad. We support the education of students at tech universities and the incubation of new projects from the scientific and technical environment.

Selected projects

BLOCK was founded in 1991 and ever since has focused on the provision of spotless, hygienic facilities, such as laboratories and operating rooms.

BLOCK profiles itself as an engineering-oriented company with a strong team of architects to help with the implementation of demanding structures.


Köttermann is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of specialized furniture and systems for laboratories and hygienic facilities.

Based in Lower Saxony, the company has a good reputation due to the excellent quality and reliability of its products. Thanks to its reputation, Köttermann has long been delivering from Germany to the most demanding customers around the world.


ALVO provides innovative solutions and products for operating theatres, hybrid operating rooms, ICU/NICU units, and other hospital areas.

Almost 30 years of experience, over 70 countries in the reference list. Product portfolio includes modular systems, operating tables and lights, medical furniture, integration systems, mobile hospitals and more.


Famed Żywiec is a leading European manufacturer of high quality medical equipment with long tradition and best-in-class products.

In over 75 years, FAMED has supplied medical facilities with thousands of top-quality operating tables, hospital beds, treatment chairs and other equipment. This equipment is used by doctors in Poland and more than 110 countries around the world, in the most demanding markets and in the most difficult conditions.


Medifa is a leading German manufacturer of equipment for operating theatres

Medifa offers innovative solutions and products of the highest world quality for operating theatres, mobile hybrid surgical systems, and other solutions in the field of hospital equipment and surgical centers


Lab Concept provides deliveries of complex supplies of laboratory equipment to top European customers.

Since its establishment in 2013, the company has built up a strong position on the market mainly thanks to its unique technical solutions. Lab Concept specializes in media flow within laboratories, such as ceiling systems for extracting vapors through fume hoods.


Cloudtalk is a fast-growing SaaS cloud telephony solution for customer and business call centers around the world.

Cloudtalk is already one of the leading suppliers for small and medium-sized companies. The main assets include its simplicity and speed of operation, sound quality, and its easy integration with existing internal systems.


Sharry EUROPE is an established, competitive company in the European PropTech market.

It provides technologies for office buildings that significantly improve their user-friendliness, especially at parking entrances. Sharry EUROPE already operates in five different European countries.


Simpleway is a global company whose passenger information system now powers airports on all continents in 45 languages.

In addition to that, Simpleway is a pioneer in the security audio systems sector and is currently working on developing a new generation of industrial audio equipment.


IP Fabric has developed a software for network infrastructure research and management. It helps network engineers to ensure the security and reliability of the corporate network with all its elements.

The customers are medium and large corporations, mainly in Western Europe and the USA. IP Fabric saves its customers a lot of network service costs and protects them from costly outages and attacks.


Topíte digitalizes the heating services. The selection, ordering, installation, financing and all types of heating, air conditioning and solar panel services no longer depend on long hours of finding the adequate operative and other needed suppliers.

Now everything can be done online, quickly, easily, and with the professional approach of an operative.


With the help of artificial intelligence, Oddin predicts the course of esports tournaments in real time.

The software predicts events that take place in the gaming world tournaments based on data from image analysis and advanced mathematics. Oddin is capable of supplying predictions to the world's most important esports companies and international bookmaking companies.


Yieldigo is a leader in pricing optimization using advanced mathematics and artificial intelligence.

Thanks to its system, Yieldigo can significantly increase the profit of retail chains while maintaining both the trend in sales and the price index. Yieldigo is currently expanding to Western Europe, Asia, and the USA.


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